Friday, November 12, 2010

First time!

Hey everyone. This is Jenn, I decided to start blogging all my recipes, stories... The stuff we all talk about when we are in the kitchen!
I have 2 daughters, they help me cook and prep, they don't do cleanup (I don't blame them either!) I have found that the more I have them help, the more they talk about what is going on in their lives.
All parents know that when kids come home, you get the "yeah school was fine" answer. I did too. Once the girls started helping they started to talk about what really happened, what is bugging them, who likes who in class. All the things we wish they would just say! We come up with some good answers when we are peeling, cutting, and stirring.
I am a semi-homemade idea girl. I however, I do not cook with a martini in hand, and I don't say "now, can I tell you...?" Nor does my kitchen EVER change! LOL, I also sometimes say "Guess what? we are having cereal for supper!" We all have those days. I do, however try to make a good family dinner throughout the week. For my kids, nutrition is very important. My oldest has ADD and is in the process of being diagnosed with Aspargers Syndrome. Trying to get "crap" out of the diet (excess sugar, highly processed foods..) is important. I have seen an improvement in the girls, and I see how they down slide when we go on fast food benders!
So here we go.. I hope this will be a fun ride for us all. I look forward to your responses!

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